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SYStem.UP fails with MPC744x/MPC745x or MPC86xx.
Ref: 0280

SYStem.UP of MPC744X/5X/MPC86XX can fail if the instruction at the reset address is invalid. This is a side effect of a chip errata (e.g. MPC7448 chip errata #7)
If the FLASH memory at the reset address (0xFFF00100) is not programmed, the CPU will not stop at the reset address. The debugger will print an error message to the AREA window that the CPU stopped at a wrong address (0xFFF00800). In this case, use the sequence:
to stop the CPU.

If the SYStem.UP fails as described above, but it is known that the FLASH is programmed (e.g. boot loader running), usually the problem is that JTAG_HReset resets only the processor, but not other devices on the board, esp. the memory controller. If the memory controller will not be reset, the FLASH contents for the reset address are probably not mapped correctly. Make sure that JTAG_HReset resets processor and memory controller.

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