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I'm getting error messages during debugger startup using the Nexus Autofocus Probe (LA-7630) and Powertrace-I (LA-7705,LA-7707,LA-7690). What can be the reason? (NEXUS-MPC5500)
Ref: 0327

The error message Nexus Probe : Lost FPGA configuration during TRACE32 startup , may be a hint about an issue with the PT-I.

The Nexus Autofocus Probe (LA-7630) works with PowerTrace-I Units in any case, if the serial number is higher than E0312000xxxx.

If the serial number is below E0201000xxxx , there is no chance to use the new MNZX probe.

For all units with serial numbers between the mentioned numbers , it is recommenden to ask the local representative what is required to do to work with the MNZX probe.
For serial numbers between E0201000xxxx and E03020003999 , a modification of the PT-I board is needed and we recommend to exchange the trace board (MESR_x) to the latest revision.
For serial numbers between E03020004000 and E0312000xxxx , just a modification of the PT-I board is needed.

For modification , the PT-I unit and the MNZX probe must be sent back to Lauterbach.

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