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The installation is ok, but when trying "SYStem.Up" the debugger responds with the error message "emulation debug port time-out".
Ref: 0076

See chapter "Trouble-Shooting" in the C166CBC Debugger manual.

Why do I get wrong program behavior when setting a software breakpoint on an extended sequence?
Ref: 0074

A software breakpoint within an extended sequence aborts the extended sequence. Therefore do not use a software breakpoint within the extended sequence or use a hardware breakpoint instead. Affected commands are EXTR, EXTP, EXTPR, EXTS, EXTSR.

Why does extended register, page or segment commands overstep the next commands?
Ref: 0066

For execution of a single step a debug trap is used. During the execution of these extended sequences the software trap is locked. Affected commands are EXTR, EXTP, EXTPR, EXTS, EXTSR.

Why does the debugger switch to 'DOWN' mode when idle mode is entered by the processor?
Ref: 0075

When the processor enters the idle mode the communication channel to the debugger will be cut off. Debugging is not possible in this mode.

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