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FAQs Archive for C166 Monitor

Why can target peripherals not be modified by "Data.Set"? (80166)
Why does stepping fails after enabling the interrupts? (80166)

FAQs Archive for Debugger Hardware

Are the TRACE32 products in compliance with the European Regulation "REACH"?
Are the TRACE32 products in compliance with the European "WEEE" directive?

FAQs Archive for EPROM/FLASH Simulator

For which applications the ESICON adapter is used?

FAQs Archive for Host Driver Software

[Linux] How do I use USB with the TRACE32 host driver(s) on Linux?
[Linux] I don't get a popup menu by a right-mouse button click?
[Linux] I receive the error message regarding the shared library "libstdc++.so.5".
[Linux] Why is my USB debugger not detected at all by Linux?
[Linux] Why is no TRACE32 main window coming up under Unix?
[Windows] Why does my PodBus/USB device connected to Windows 7 not work anymore after some time ?
How can I permit 3 GB memory allocation for the TRACE32 task under Windows?
How can I reactivate the old fashioned font usage?
Is it possible to use an interface converter for TRACE32?
TRACE32 says the PerformanceCounter of my PC seems to be buggy. What does this mean?
What do I need to tell my network administrator if Lauterbach support wants direct access to my debugger?
What should I do if I get an error message about missing fonts during driver startup?
Why do I get under Windows 2000 the error message "Entry point HeapSet information could not be found in dynamic Link library Kernel32.dll"?
Why do I get under Windows XP the error message "The procedure entry point EncodePointer could not be located in dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll"?
Why does TRACE32 warn about an obsolete driver?
Why does Windows 7 report "installation failed" when I connect TRACE32 to USB?
Why is my USB debugger not detected at all by Windows or doesn't work anymore?

FAQs Archive for Installation Guide

How can I remove the TRACE32 USB driver completely from the registry?
How to use silent mode of TRACE32 software installer?
Where is t32tcpusb, mentioned in the training manual?

FAQs Archive for ROM Monitor

Why does single step or breakpoint not work?
Why does stepping fail, when executing a MOV SP,xxx instruction?
Why does the ROM monitor crash after modification of EPROM?

FAQs Archive for State and Performance Analyzer

How can I get prestore information?

FAQs Archive for TRACE32 Software

How can I use a different Editor like UltraEdit instead of PEDIT from TRACE32?
Where do I get the TRACE32 Remote API for C# (C-Sharp)?

FAQs Archive for x186 Monitor

Why does emulator crash after a target RESET? (80186)
Why does manual break fail? (80186_80386)

FAQs Archive for x386 and x486 Monitor

Why does manual break fail? (80186_80386)

FAQs Archive for ARC Debugger

How can I see member variables in C++ methods without using the 'this' pointer?

FAQs Archive for ARM/Cortex Trace (parallel)

Using TraceON/TraceOff breakpoints gives error meassage: "No on-chip breakpoint of this type possible" (ARM)
Which preprocessor (cpu trace adapter) do I have? (ARM)

FAQs Archive for C166CBC Debugger

The installation is ok, but when trying "SYStem.Up" the debugger responds with the error message "emulation debug port time-out".
Why do I get wrong program behavior when setting a software breakpoint on an extended sequence?
Why does extended register, page or segment commands overstep the next commands?
Why does the debugger switch to 'DOWN' mode when idle mode is entered by the processor?

FAQs Archive for C2000 JTAG Debugger

TRACE32 cannot find TI target server files (.dll, .dvr) (TMS320C)

FAQs Archive for CPU32 Debugger

Is my 68K ICD Debugger prepared for 3.3 V support? (68K)
Sometimes I receive the error message: "DTACK error reported by CPU" after the execution of the SYStem.Up command. (683XX)
What can I do to emulate the M68360 QUADS Board with the BDM Debugger? (68360)

FAQs Archive for DSP56K Debugger

Cannot make an HLL-step from a software breakpoint or the context switches while debugging.
Debugger does not step correctly into routine or debugger does not load HLL code for routine. (56800E)
How can I set the program counter to including the extension bit from the SR register? (56800/56800E)
Pointer type has wrong width. (56800E)

FAQs Archive for eTPU Debugger

Can I halt and start the eTPU synchronized to the e200 core, without using the eTPU debugger?
Can the TRACE32 debugger for eTPU read the MTD or the PDCM registers?
Is it possible to access the eTPU microengine process registers (e.g. MatchA/B, CaptureA/B)?
Some variables can not be displayed while the eTPU is running.
Trying to debug one of the eTPU cores on my PowerPC CPU, I get "?????" (bus errors) in the List window.

FAQs Archive for FIRE Emulator for H8S and H8/300H

I can not map the BurstRom interface area to the emulation memory as internal. (H8S)

FAQs Archive for FIRE Emulator for SH2

An Illegal-Slot-Instruction Exception occurs at a line with a correct opcode! (SH-2)
Contents of external memory can not be seen or changed in a data window in the CPU mode ROM! (SH-2)
I can not see the CPUs internal RAM via dualport! (SH-2)

FAQs Archive for FIRE Emulator MPC8XX

Are the Low Power Modes available? (MPC8XX)
Are there any usefull tricks to know when debugging with cache. (MPC8XX)
I get the error message "emulation debug port fail" when activating the system with SYS.MODE EE or SYS.MODE EI in target. (MPC8XX)
I get the error message: verify error at address ..., Stepping is possible, Go till is not possible. (MPC8XX)
I'm using the software emulation interrupt in my code. But every time an SEI occurs the CPU stops and doesn't process my interrupt handler. (MPC8XX)
My CPU runs fine, but does not stop if I press the break button. (MPC8XX)
My triggerunit doesn't react on Alpha breakpoints. (MPC8XX)
The upper 6 addresses in the trace of the MPC850 are always 0. What can I do to get these addresses become true. (MPC850/823)
There are several key registers on the MPC8xx. It seems it is not possible to write the key value 55CCAA33. (MPC8XX)
What happens if I step through my code and an exception occurs? (MPC8XX/5XX)
When running in target memory, the CPU stops suddenly, status line showing stopped by see. (MPC8XX)

FAQs Archive for FIRE Fully Integrated RISC Emulator

Are the TRACE32 products in compliance with "ISO 14001"?

FAQs Archive for ICE In-Circuit Emulator

Are the TRACE32 products in compliance with "ISO 14001"?
Is there a simple way to control target power supply via the ICE to prevent problems after the ICE has been powered off?
Why is the location after break wrong?

FAQs Archive for In-Circuit Emulator for 386

What could be the reasons for malfunction of breakpoints, single step and break by hand? (386)
Why crashes the emulator after a break with system.access request? (386EX)
Why does clip-over adaption work uncorrectly? (386/486)

FAQs Archive for In-Circuit Emulator for 68HC05 and 68HC08

After I switched off the power of the emulator and booted again, the values of the internal EEPROM can not be read correctly. (HC08)
The System Option MOR does not work. (HC05JJ/JP)
The Timer B is not available. The CAN controller is not available. (HC08AZ/AT)

FAQs Archive for In-Circuit Emulator for 68HC11

How can I program registers, which can be accessed through the first 64 CPU cycles only. (68HC11)
The CONFIG Register does not react on modifications. (68HC11)

FAQs Archive for In-Circuit Emulator for 68HC12

The trace list shows a BKGD instruction instead of my code at an address where a program-, hll- or spot-breakpoint is set! (HC12)
Why does the analyzer show cycles after the cycle where I have set a breakpoint? (HC12)

FAQs Archive for In-Circuit Emulator for 8051

Can I map the CPU internal memory externally? (8051)
How can I stop the internal watch-dog timer after break? (8051)
How do I trace a chip internal data transfer from one register to an other? (8051)
I have some problems using 8051 ports as a bank register. Do you know reasons for that behavior? (8051)
What can cause error messages while real time program execution, if the RESET line is activated or released? (8051)
What is the difference between a bond-out and a non bond-out emulator? (8051)
Which number contains R6 if the bank file is called?

FAQs Archive for In-Circuit Emulator for ARM7

Is it possible to emulate 3.3 V targets? (ARM)

FAQs Archive for In-Circuit Emulator for C166/ST10 - Out of Production

Can I update the C167E2 module to bondout type C167E3?
The CPU runs at 50% of the selected clock frequency. (BONDOUT E2)
The emulation system goes to SYSDOWN if the processor enters power-down mode.
The emulator reports 5 different mapper error messages after reset. (BONDOUT E2)
Which Setting must be done for Mixed-Operations? (BONDOUT)

FAQs Archive for In-Circuit Emulator for Freescale 68360/349

The command "SYStem.Up" does not work. (68360)
What could be the reason if the trace listing does not work? (68360)
Why does emulation crash when PLL registers are modified? (68360)
Why does the message "emulation memory refresh fail" appears during change of the PLLCR register? (68360)

FAQs Archive for In-Circuit Emulator for MC68000 and MC6830X

In which way timers and watchdog can be handled when emulation is stopped? (68XXX)
What could be the reason for wrong addresses in the program counter or analyzer listing? (68LC/PM302)
What could be the reason for wrong exception vectors? (68302D)

FAQs Archive for In-Circuit Emulator for MC68020/30

Is it possible to run emulation out of Target Power Up? (68020)
Is there a PullUp at the emulator Reset Line? (68020)
Is there a restriction in Single Stepping of FPU instructions? (68020)
Problems with STERM bus cycles. (68030)
Why there is only one record in the trace listing, if the dataselector hits on a misaligned access? (68020)

FAQs Archive for In-Circuit Emulator for MC6833X

Clip-Over Emulation on 68332/68HC16Z? (68332)

FAQs Archive for In-Circuit Emulator for Z80 and Z180

How must a Z84C15 target be prepared for the emulation, using a Z80 emulator? (Z80C15)

FAQs Archive for JTAG Debugger

Are the TRACE32 products in compliance with "ISO 14001"?

FAQs Archive for M32R Debugger

Why can I get just symbols and no code information loading a DWARF/ELF file generated by Greenhills Compiler? (M32R)

FAQs Archive for MAC71xx/72xx NEXUS Debugger and Trace

How can I open the device if I have secured it unintentionally? (NEXUS-MAC71/72)
I can't find the pinout of the MAC71/72 front connector? (NEXUS-MAC71/72)
What is the right speed for the JTAG port? (NEXUS-MAC71XX)
Why can I not get data trace working? (NEXUS-MAC71/72)
Why do I sometimes get instruction watchpoint messages more times than expected? (NEXUS-MAC71XX)
Why does the dual-ported data dump to internal flash space fail? (NEXUS-MAC71XX)
Why does the flash cannot be reprogrammed after changing the PLL settings? (NEXUS-MAC71XX)
Why is the Nexus trace on PortE only sometimes working on the Motorola EVB, despite the same jumper settings? (NEXUS-MAC71XX)

FAQs Archive for MicroBlaze Debugger

FPGA configuration via TRACE32 fails but works with Xilinx Impact.
How are multicore settings calculated?
How should I connect the target? Why does connection to ML310 fail?
I have problems loading C++ programs for Microblaze. Which parameters do I need?
MB V4.00.a: OnChip Data Breaks do not work as expected
Single stepping sometimes fails with MB V4.00.a, MB V5.00.A. What can I do?
The debugger does not display the source code associated with my program?
Why are local variables displayed incorrectly?
Why are the on-chip databreaks unaligned with memory?
Why do I get the message Warning: file [...]\gcc\libgloss\microblaze\crt0.S not found.
Why do software breakpoints or single stepping fail with uCLinux for MicroBlaze?
Why does the Go.Up command fail inside interrupt handlers?
Why does the setting of register R0 fail?

FAQs Archive for MPC56x NEXUS Debugger and Trace

Can the multi function pins (Nexus or I/O ) be usesed as I/O during Nexus debugging? (NEXUS-MPC56X)
Can there be a delay between the time of a message is entered into the NEXUS message queue and the time of this message is sampled in the trace? (NEXUS-MPC56X)
Do MDI/MDO lines have to be disconnected from Nexus port in MDO2 mode? (NEXUS-MPC56X)
How is the terminal supposed to be used on nexus? (NEXUS-MPC56X)
Is the port replacement feature supported? (NEXUS-MPC56X)
My Chip Select Setup works with a BDM debugger, but with a Nexus debugger the CS Setup does not work properly. What is the reason for? (NEXUS-MPC56X)
What do I have to consider if I want to debug the TPU? (NEXUS-MPC56X)
What is the difference between a Nexus Debugger and a BDM/RISC Trace configuration? (NEXUS-MPC56X)
What is the pinout and the meaning of the Nexus Probe Front Connector? (MNAD_x) (NEXUS-MPC56X)
What's the reason for "emulation debug port fail" during step over PLL setup ? (NEXUS-MPC56X)
Which slot on the PowerTrace is used for the NEXUS adapter? (NEXUS-MPC56X)
Why do I get a "emulator debug port problem" when I try to change the system clock via the System Clock SFRs? (NEXUS-MPC56X)
Why do I get the error message "Emulator debug port fail"? (NEXUS-MPC56X)
Why does the debugger not work on my target with an external watch-dog timer? (NEXUS-MPC56X)

FAQs Archive for MPC5xx/8xx Debugger

How do I use the TRAP exeption for my own application? (MPC8XX/5XX)
I get the error message: verify error at address ... (MPCXXX)
Step or go result in an error message! (MPC5XX/8XX)
The target runs fine without the debugger attached. But with the debugger attached, the target runs for a while and then it hangs up. (MPC8XX/5XX)
What happens if I debug my code and an exception occurs? (MPC8XX/5XX)
When stepping with the debugger, the runtime counter shows too long count values. (MPCXXX)
Where can I find more information about the acronyms SEIE, PRIE, MCIE, ...? (MPC8XX/5XX)
With connected debugger program behaves in a different way (MPC5XX/8XX)
Write access to the ICTRL register by the program does not take any effect! (MPC5XX/8XX)

FAQs Archive for MPC5xxx and SPC5xx Debugger

I'm getting error messages during debugger startup using the Nexus Autofocus Probe (LA-7630) and Powertrace-I (LA-7705,LA-7707,LA-7690). What can be the reason? (NEXUS-MPC5500)

FAQs Archive for PCP Debugger (TriCore)

After a SYStem.Up the register window shows "register set undefined".
After breaking a PCP channel initially, it is not possible to step or resume a PCP channel. The PCP_ES register reports a DCR error. (PCP)
The debugger reports various end-of-init protection error.
The TrOnchip window does not show the Break Bus settings are not available. When entering the commands the software reports they are locked.
When using MCDS on-chip trace, the PCP channel ID is traced incorrectly and any configured filters and triggers are not working correctly. (PCP2)

FAQs Archive for PowerQUICC II/Pro Debugger

Processor seems to step backwards. (MPC82XX)

FAQs Archive for TriCore Debugger

For my TriBoard-TC1766 I have set up my trace configuration correctly, but all I get is FLOWERROR.
I have loaded my application into the target, but I can not step or go away from the reset address. (TC11XX_Audo-NG)
The debugger displays wrong data for internal memory, but the processor behaves correct. (TC10GP_TC11Ix)
When switching to SYStem.Mode Attach, the CPU can be stopped and started but breakpoints are not working.

FAQs Archive for XC2000/C166SV2 Debugger

What has to be done to stop the General Purpose Timers when the CPU is stopped? (XC2xxx XE16x)

FAQs Archive for XC800 Debugger

When I load the symbols with Data.LOAD.OMF I get the error "unexpected end of file".

FAQs Archive for ZSP Debugger

A script fails with "Access timeout" but only in cycle accurate mode. Why? (ZSP5XXSimulator)
After booting, the core executes the program correctly but the debugger shows invalid program memory contents. (ZSP5XX)
After sys.up I get the following error message: 'Break after sys.up failed. Debug monitor (DMC) missing? Try loading DMC in HW mode.' What does this mean? (ZSP5XX)
How does the debugger distinguish between internal and external memory? (ZSP5XX)
I cannot single step my program. The core starts running and does not stop. (ZSP5XX)
In SWD mode sometimes on-chip breakpoints are ignored. Why is that? (ZSP5XX)
Resetting the EB500P Eval board does not work reliably and sometimes I get the message "access timeout, processor running" (ZSP5XX)
The core has entered halt mode but the debugger indicates "running" state. Why is that? (ZSP5XX)
What does the following message mean: "Attempted to set PC:=0x1234 in HW mode. This may have failed or worked. See manual"? (ZSP5XX)
What does the following message mean: "Break in SW mode failed. Switch to HW debug mode to continue."? (ZSP5XX)
What does the following message mean: "Limitations of ZSP500 HW debug mode apply. See manual."? (ZSP5XX)
What does the number in brackets after a CEXE instruction mean? (ZSP5XX)
What does the sign "%-" in the disassembler output mean? (ZSP5XX)
When single stepping, the debugger does not stop at the last HLL line. Why? (ZSP5XX)
Why does a program fail when it is loaded the second time? (ZSP5XXSimulator)
Why does single stepping modify the %smode register? (ZSP5XX)

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