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How to remotely control TRACE32 PowerView?
Ref: 0514

There are three ways to control TRACE32 PowerView remotely:
  • Using the TRACE32 Remote API.
    To launch some scripts or execute some simple commands from a bash shell, you can use the command line tool t32rem from the <T32>/bin/<os> folder. This tool uses the TRACE32 Remote API to send TRACE32 commands to open TRACE32 GUIs.
    For more complex remote control of TRACE32 (e.g. from a Python script) you should have a look at "API for Remote Control and JTAG Access" and the examples at <t32>/demo/api.
  • TRACE32 PowerView implements a GDB stub functionality. This provides an interface to any application using the GDB Remote Serial Protocol (RSP) to control TRACE32 PowerView via TCP or UDP.
  • Using the Target Communication Framework (TCF), which can be used to access the TRACE32 debug functionality from within Eclipse.
Please refer for more information to the following documents:

Is it possible to check the progress of the execution of a TRACE32 command through the Remote API?
Ref: 0458

There is no function in the Remote API that can check the progress of the execution of a TRACE32 command. You can however call the command within a PRACTICE script and check the execution state of the script using T32_GetPracticeState().

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