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How can I send commands remote to TRACE32?
Ref: 0265

syntax: t32rem.exe <localhost or IP address of PC> [port=<n>] <cmd>

e.g. t32rem.exe my_pcname do testfile
e.g. t32rem.exe localhost port=20123 Data.List main

t32rem.exe (not automatically installed from CD) can be used to send commands remote to a running TRACE32 application.
Here in the example it starts testfile.cmm (only cmm extensions can be omitted in the command).
Use "localhost" or the TCP/IP address of the host where TRACE32 is running. The port nummer can be omitted if it is default (= 20000).
"RCL=NETASSIST" separated by empty lines above and below has to be activated in the config file. If you use "T32Start" for configuration you can activate "RCL" by setting "API Port, Use Port" to "yes".

How to remotely control TRACE32 PowerView?
Ref: 0514

You can control TRACE32 remotely via the TRACE32 Remote API. Please refer to the document " API for Remote Control and JTAG Access" for more information.
To launch some scripts or execute some simple commands from a bash shell, you can use the command line tool t32rem from the <T32>/bin/<os> folder. This tool uses the TRACE32 Remote API to send TRACE32 commands to open TRACE32 GUIs.

To use the t32rem tool, do the following:

1. Enable the TRACE32 remote API to add the following two lines to your TRACE32 configuration file (usually "config.t32")
You have to ensure that there is an empty line before and after these lines in your configuration file.

2. Launch TRACE32 and send a command to it with t32rem like that:
    t32rem localhost port=200000 <command>
For command you can choose any TRACE32 command like DO file.cmm to execute a PRACTICE script.

For more complex remote control of TRACE32 (e.g. from a Python script) you should have a look at the previously mentioned "API for Remote Control and JTAG Access" and the examples at <t32>/demo/api.

Is it possible to check the progress of the execution of a TRACE32 command through the Remote API?
Ref: 0458

There is no function in the Remote API that can check the progress of the execution of a TRACE32 command. You can however call the command within a PRACTICE script and check the execution state of the script using T32_GetPracticeState().

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