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Is it possible to check the progress of the execution of a TRACE32 command through the Remote API?
Ref: 0458

There is no function in the Remote API that can check the progress of the execution of a TRACE32 command. You can however call the command within a PRACTICE script and check the execution state of the script using T32_GetPracticeState().

The execution time of the Remote API LINE_Receive() function is too long. What is the purpose of this function. Is it possible to reduce the execution time?
Ref: 0457

LINE_Receive() is the essential function within the API, used by every function that commun~

Where do I get the TRACE32 Remote API for C# (C-Sharp)?
Ref: 0308

For 'Managed C++', 'VB.NET' and 'C#' (C-Sharp), please use the .NET API wrapper from your Lauterbach DVD folder /files/demo/api/dotnet.
(Source code is also included.)

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