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Manycore debugging with iAMP

Lauterbach has simplified the debugging of asynchronous multiprocessing systems with the innovative iAMP (integrated Asymetrical Multiprocessing) concept. The iAMP mode of Lauterbach’s TRACE32® PowerView allows the integration of all debugger instances into a single view offering a highly improved user experience. This is a great advantage for systems with a larger number of identical cores, that are managed by different operating systems.

For more information download our iAMP application note.

Debug and trace support for the Arm® ecosystem including Arm®v9 architecture

Lauterbach is the leading provider of debug and trace solutions within the Arm® ecosystem. The Lauterbach solutions support all important Arm® processors like Cortex®-M, Cortex®-R, Cortex®-A, Cortex®-X, Neoverse and SecurCore®, as well as processors based on the new Arm®v9 architecture.

Learn more about our Arm® support

Hypervisor-aware debugging

Virtualization is becoming increasingly important in embedded computing, in particular where safety and real-time behavior of the system is essential but cost saving pressures make it necessary to run several applications on a single hardware platform. To debug such a system or analyze its timing behavior, it is essential that the debugger is aware of the hypervisor and can distinguish between virtual machines and operating systems. TRACE32® from Lauterbach is the only available JTAG debugging and tracing solution providing visibility of the whole software stack.

Learn more about Hypervisor-aware debugging

Profiling solutions for AUTOSAR Classic & Adaptive Platform

As a member of the AUTOSAR consortium, Lauterbach is active at the forefront of profiling solutions for the AUTOSAR Classic and Adaptive Platforms. We offer the broadest range of architecture support with a future-proof, Hypervisor-aware debugging and tracing solution. For in-depth analysis like event-chain-analysis, trace data can be imported into third-party timing verification tools.

Learn more about AUTOSAR profiling


As a leading provider of embedded software debug and trace tools, Lauterbach already supports processors based on the RISC-V instruction-set. At embedded world, we will showcase a multi-core trace scenario, with OS awareness, based on the upcoming Nexus trace standard.

Learn more about RISC-V debugging



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