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Basic Debugging

Introduction to TRACE32 GUI Programming of Processor-Internal Flash Memory
Controlling the Program Execution Debugging Optimized Code
Displaying the Source Code Variable Display in TRACE32
Using Breakpoints in TRACE32 Variable Logging using the SNOOPer Trace
Variable Logging and Monitoring in TRACE32 TRACE32 Performance Analyzer

Debugging over XCP

Bootloader Debugging

OS-aware Debugging

Windows Debugging Linux Debugging

Hypervisor-aware Debugging


Scripting and Remote Control

Integrated Script Language PRACTICE (Tutorials) TRACE32 User Interface Customization
The TRACE32 Remote API Controlling TRACE32 via Python


CoreSight™ Trace Cortex®-A/-R Processors

CoreSight™ Trace Cortex®-M Processors

RISC-V Core Trace

TRACE32 Software Traces

TRACE32 Logger Trace Introduction TRACE32 Logger Trace OS Profiling

Trace-based Profiling

Flat vs. Nesting Function Runtime Analysis Function Runtime Analysis and Markers

Trace-based Code Coverage


Third-Party Tool Integration

TRACE32 Integration to the Wind River Workbench® TRACE32 Integration to the TCF C/C++ Debugger in Eclipse
Trace Export for Timing Tools OS and RTE Profiling - A Joint Solution of Vector and Lauterbach

PIL Simulation with TRACE32


Lauterbach YouTube Channel

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