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International Committees


International Committees

Many customers would like to see a higher level of standardization of the on-chip debug and trace logic as well as a reduction in pin count without any performance loss. In order to take an active role in the development of innovative debug and trace technologies, Lauterbach has been participating in various international committees over the past years:  

Nexus 5001 Forum

Lauterbach has been a member of the Nexus 5001 Forum ever since its foundation and was first to market with tools conforming to the NEXUS specification.

The Nexus 5001 Forum, formerly known as the Global Embedded Processor Debug Interface Standard Consortium, was formed in April 1998 to define and develop a much-needed embedded processor debug interface standard for embedded control applications.

The Nexus 5001 Forum membership spans the semiconductor, development tools and automotive electronics industries. Although the Forum initially focused on the stringent requirements of microprocessor debug tools for automotive power train applications, its overall goal is to enable the continued development of state-of-the-art, easy-to-use, high performance microcontrollers.


MIPI Debug Working Group

In the Debug Working Group of the MIPI Alliance, Lauterbach has been involved in the definition of interfaces as well as corresponding debug tools for mobile phones.

The Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI) Alliance is an open membership organization that includes leading companies in the mobile industry that share the objective of defining and promoting open specifications for interfaces in mobile terminals. MIPI Specifications establish standards for hardware and software interfaces between the processors and peripherals typically found in mobile terminal systems.


IEEE P1149.7 Working Group

Lauterbach has been an active member of the IEEE P1149.7 Working Group for the definition of new JTAG standards ever since its foundation.

P1149.7 is a standard for Reduced-pin and Enhanced-functionality Test Access Port and Boundary Scan Architecture



Lauterbach has taken part in SPRINT Forum to define Standard APIs for Virtual Prototyping

Global objectives of the SPRINT project are to enable Europe to be the leader in design productivity and quality in Systems-on-Chip (SoC) design, by mastering the SoC design complexity with effective standards and design technology for reuse and integration of IP

Lauterbach is a member of, the Power Architecture technology platform.'s mission is to develop, enable and promote Power Architecture technology as the preferred open standard hardware development platform for the electronics industry and to administer qualification programs that optimize interoperability and accelerate innovation for a positive user experience.

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