CombiProbe 2 for TriCore DAP

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CombiProbe 2  for TriCore DAP
Debug cable and 512 MByte of trace memory
Whisker cable with 26-pin automotive connector

Same debug features as the TRACE32 Debug Cables for TriCore
512 MB of trace memory for DAP Streaming
DAP Streaming with up to 30 MByte/s
DAP streaming requires a DAP mode, for performance reasons, we recommend DAPWide at 160 MHz
DAP Streaming for filtered tracing, GTM tracing and Compact Function Trace
AUTOSAR-aware profiling
TRACE32 Streaming for long-time recording


Tool Configuration

Configuration of CombiProbe

The photo on the left side shows a standard configuration with a USB3 interface to the host computer. The extended configuration shown on the right side allows to connect the tool to Gigabit Ethernet.


Connection Cables

Whisker AUTO26 TriCore DAP
  • Support for DAP (DAP2, DAP3, DAPWide, DAP4), up to 160 MHz, 3.3 V or 5.0 V
  • Support for JTAG, 1.8-5.0 V, up to 60 MHz
  • Support for DXCPL
  • 26-pin, 20-pin and 10-pin automotive connector


Debug Features

The TRACE32 CombiProbe for TriCore DAP provides the same debug features as the TRACE32 Debug Cables for the TriCore. For details refer to TriCore Debugger.

DAP Streaming

DAP Streaming means that the contents of the EMEM (onchip trace memory) is streamed to the TRACE32 CombiProbe while the program execution is running. DAP Streaming requires both XTM tiles.

Plain DAP Streaming

Plain DAP Streaming allows to record up to 512 MByte of trace information.

DAP Streaming

DAP Streaming and TRACE32 Streaming

The amount of recorded trace information can be extended to several TBytes, if DAP Streaming is combined with TRACE32 Streaming. Trace information collected and buffered by the TRACE32 CombiProbe is immediately transferred to a file on the host computer in this operation mode.

TRACE32 Streaming

DAP Streaming Features

AUTOSAR-Aware Profiling

AUTOSAR Profiling: Classic Platform
  • Established part of AUTOSAR Classic timing tool chain
  • Support for ORTI and ARTI
  • Excellent co-operation with vendors in the AUTOSAR Classic ecosystem
  • Extensive TRACE32 profiling features
  • Trace export to timing verification tools

Compact Function Trace

Compact Function Trace is a special program trace mode that allows nesting function run-time analysis for medium bandwidth trace ports. Trace messages are only generated for function calls and returns, interrupts and task switches.

Compact Function Trace

Filtered Data Tracing

The TriCore onchip trace logic MCDS allows to reduce the trace information to read/write accesses of interest. The run-time behaviour of selected variables can be analysed based of this information.

Filtered Data Trace

GTM Tracing

GTM Tracing allows both: the inspection of the instruction execution sequence and the verification of the timing of the TIM/TOM/ATOM channels.

GTM Trace

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