PCP Debugger (TriCore)

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TriCore  Debugger
Trace Extension (OCDS Level 2)
IDE - Integrated Development Environment

PCP Debugger (TriCore)
Full HLL support
Disassembler for PCP Instructions
Supports ELF/DWARF format
Batch Processing
Debug Access via JTAG and DAP
3.3 Volt Support
Unlimited Software Breakpoints on Code
Emulation Device support (additional triggers via MCDS)
PCP debugging comes for free with TriCore OCDS Debugger
PCP tracing
PCP tracing comes for free with Preprocessor TriCore OCDS-L2
The Lauterbach product TRACE32-ICD supports a wide range of on-chip debug interfaces. The hardware for the debugger is universal and allows to interface different target processors by simply changing the debug cable and the software.

The OCDS debugger for PCP is a free add-on to the OCDS debugger for Infineon TriCore devices (AUDO). It supports OCDS-L1 debugging, OCDS-L2 off-chip trace and OCDS-L3 on-chip trace as well as the MCDS triggers and filters.

Debugging via JTAG or DAP requires a PowerDebug module, the off-chip trace requires a PowerTrace module. For the on-chip trace only a PowerDebug module and an additional on-chip trace license is required.

Technical Support



Adaptation for TriCore Debugger Standard

Adaptation for Automotive Debug Connector


TriCore Debugger

  • TriCore debugger required for PCP debugger operation.
  • All PCP licenses (debugger, trace) come with TriCore licenses.
  • See TriCore Debugger for additional information.

Trace Extension (OCDS Level 2)


IDE - Integrated Development Environment

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