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GTM Debugger
Full debug support of GTM
GTM trace - MCS (Multi Channel Sequencer)
GTM trace - ARU (Advanced Routing Unit)
GTM trace - I/O channels
Support for Cortex-A/-R/-M, MPC5xxx, RH850, SPC5, TriCore AURIX
The GTM (Generic Timer Module) is a peripheral unit which can be used for engine position evaluation, PWM generation, complex waveform generation and PWM evaluation and signal detection.

MPC5xxx, SPC5 Debugger
TriCore Debugger
RH850 Debugger


Debug Features

The following features are provided:

  • "Step" and "Go" commands
  • Supports on-chip breakpoints
  • Disassembler for microinstructions
  • Inline assembler
  • Monitor all GTM registers during stepping
  • Modify GTM internal registers
  • Display of entry points
  • Peripheral view of GTM registers

Trace Features

The following features are provided:



As long as a TRACE32 Debug Cable or a TRACE32 CombiProbe is used for GTM debugging, no GTM debug license is required. For other TRACE32 debug solutions, such as debugging via XCP, a license is mandatory.

As long as a TRACE32 PowerTrace or a TRACE32 Debug Cable/TRACE32 CombiProbe with a trace license is used for tracing, no GTM trace license is necessary. For other TRACE32 trace solutions, such as tracing via XCP, a license is mandatory.

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