AutoFocus Self Calibration for Cortex-M

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Supported Tool Configurations
TRACE32 AutoFocus Technology

AutoFocus Self Calibration for Cortex-M
Automatic configuration of sampling points for 4-bit TPIU
Advanced diagnostic of electrical parameters of 4-bit TPIU

Automatic configuration of Serial Wire Output (SWO) sampling
Advanced diagnostic of SWO electrical parameters


Supported Tool Configurations

The automatic configuration of the sampling points is supported by the following tool configurations:

  • uTrace for Cortex-M plus Whisker MIPI20T-HS
  • CombiProbe 2 for Arm
  • CombiProbe for Arm plus Whisker MIPI20T-HS
  • PowerDebug PRO plus ARM Debug Cable v5 (SWO only)

TRACE32 AutoFocus Technology

With increased trace clock speeds comes an increased risk of signal misalignment when parallel trace pins are sampled. The TRACE32 AutoFocus technology not only detects the trace port clock frequency but can also adjust the optimum sampling points of each pin to negate any alignment issues in the timing of the data signals. The points where each signal contains valid data, or data eyes, for each pin can be displayed in the TRACE32 PowerView software. Detailed information about jitters, rising and falling edges is also displayed and users are provided with the capability of manually adjusting the sampling point of each signal. Once configured, these sampling points may be saved and recalled for future use of the tools on this target.

Data Eye Example for 4-bit TPIU

Data Eye Example for SWO

With SWO trace, there is only a single data line. This line is separated into eight virtual channels, one for each bit of a transmitted byte.

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