Parallel Trace Port (Preprocessor AutoFocus II)

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Automatic Adjustment
Universal Trace Modules

Parallel Trace Port (Preprocessor AutoFocus II)
For parallel trace ports with up to 40 trace channels
Trace port data rates in excess of 600 Mbit/s per trace channel
Up to 16 Gbit/s total bandwidth
Data eye recognition capability
78 ps time resolution
Automatic adjustment of termination voltage
Automatic adjustment of threshold voltage separately for all clock and data channels
Automatic adjustment of clock delay
Automatic adjustment of data delay for every single channel
Automatic trace port test

Technical Support


Automatic Adjustment

Lauterbach′s TRACE32 software provides a push-button-solution for optimal hardware configuration including a trace port test. Optimal sampling points are calculated and setup for every data channel.

An automatic adjustment will setup the following:
  • the ideal termination voltage
  • the ideal reference voltage separately for all clock and data channels
  • the ideal clock delay
  • the ideal delay for every single data line


Universal Trace Modules

The following TRACE32 univeral trace modules are suitable for the Preprocessor AutoFocus II:
PowerTrace II LITE
  • 1 GByte trace memory
  • Fast trace upload to the host computer
  • Maximum bandwidth of 10.8 GBit/s
  • Universal trace module, connect to target via TRACE32 AutoFocus II or TRACE32 Serial Preprocessor
  • Support for parallel trace ports with up to 32-bit
  • Support for serial trace ports up to 4 lanes
  • Support for TRACE32 Streaming up to 100 MByte/s

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