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ASM Debugger
Supports almost all file formats
Assembler source-level debugging
Advanced memory display
Inline assembler
Memory tests
Customizable windows
Peripheral windows
Terminal window
Flash programming
Full support for peripherals
The TRACE32 ASM debugger is an integrated feature of all TRACE32 systems. The debugger has its own data base and interfaces to most common standard assemblers.

The ASM debugger offers easy source level debugging with advanced features.

Symbolic Debugging

  • Global or local symbols
  • EQU constants
  • Browse for unknown or partially known symbols

Assembler Source Level Debugging

  • Show source with comments
  • Single Step assembler macros
  • Direct link to source

Real-Time Debugging

  • Serve interrupts or watchdogs
  • Background task on TRACE32-ICE
  • ROM monitors allow interrupts when application is stopped
  • Dual-port access on TRACE32-ICE and selected ICDs

Inline Assembler

  • Inline or window operation
  • Write short programs (including labels) with window assembler
  • Modify instructions or operands with inline assembler

Memory Displays

  • Show memory in multiple windows
  • Many display formats and options
  • Floating point values

Advanced Memory Display

  • Show arrays of structured types
  • Scroll thru linked lists
  • Graphical display of arrays
  • Show memory referenced by current instruction

Register Display

File Download and Upload

  • Directly loads various formats
  • Generate hex files for programmer with ODD/EVEN splitting

Memory Operations

  • Copy
  • Compare
  • Find string
  • Fill with various patterns
  • Compare to pattern
  • Calculate various checksums

Memory Tests

  • Non-destructive test
  • Destructive tests
  • Repetitive tests
  • Oscilloscope loops

Flash Programming

  • Supports most standard Flash devices
  • Onchip Flash Memory supported
  • Programs multiple devices in parallel
  • Uses fast algorithms (up to 150KByte/second via BDM)
  • Target or host based algorithms

Peripheral Windows

  • Onchip peripherals
  • User definable windows
  • Interactive window definition with softkey support
  • Pulldown menues for selection of choices
  • Additional description for each field

Conditional Step and Go

  • Step till condition is true
  • Go till condition is true
  • Pass breakpoints on condition

FPU Support

  • Display of FPU registers
  • Change of FPU registers with the mouse
  • Floating point arithmetic in command line
  • Support of special floating point formats

MMU Support

  • Display and Modification of registers
  • Symbolic Dump of translation tables
  • Translation between logical and physical addresses
  • Extended 48-bit logical address (separate address spaces for each task)

Terminal Windows

  • Uses normal memory, dual-ported memory or special hardware for communication
  • Single character or block oriented protocols
  • Fast guarateed reaction time on TRACE32-ICE (down to 20us)
  • Non-Stop operation with dual-port memory or special hardware
  • Very fast operation
  • Adjustable size of the virtual terminal
  • Selectable terminal emulation
  • redirect input from file
  • redirect output to file
  • Multiple terminal windows


  • Can use any terminal protocol
  • Access the filesystem of the host by the target program
  • Access to some Host OS functions
  • High speed

User Defined Windows

  • Peripheral windows
  • Windows tracking expressions
  • PRACTICE generated windows
  • Hyperprocessor defined windows
  • Adapted multitask debugger windows


  • Hardware or Software program breakpoints
  • Execution stopped before instruction is executed
  • Spotpoints for Snapshots
  • Unlimited breakpoints on TRACE32-ICE
  • Support for onchip breakpoints

Multiprocessor Synchronization

  • Synchronized target start and stop
  • Software or Hardware controlled
  • Inter-Debugger communication between multiple debuggers

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