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QFP and PLCC Adapters
Emulator Adaptions for BGA
FLEX Adapters
Processor Specific Adapters

Adapter Tokyo Eletech Corp.
  • Solder-On Adapters With Small Footprint
  • Emulator and Socket Adapters
TCON Adapters
  • Adaption for BGA and FBGA
  • 5 different sizes
  • 4 different adapter types
  • 160 to 400 pins
FLEX Adapter
  • Highly Flexible Adapters
  • For Debuggers and ICD Trace
  • High Signal Quality
  • Adapted Impedance
  • 100 MIL
Half-Size Adapters for Debuggers
  • 100 mil to 50 mil Adapters
  • Small Footprint for Target Connector
Processor Specific Adaptions
  • Adaptions for JTAG/BDM and Trace
  • Special Adaptions for Emulators

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