AURIX Multi-Core Debugging and Tracing

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AMP Multi-Core Debugging
AMP Multi-Core Tracing
Details and Configurations

AURIX Multi-Core Debugging and Tracing
Multicore debugging for up to three TriCore cores, HSM core and GTM
Debug Access via JTAG and DAP
Start and stop synchronisation
Ready-to-use FLASH programming scripts
Support for production and emulation devices
On-chip trace as well as serial off-chip trace
Multicore trace analysis for up to two TriCore cores
MCDS trigger language for advanced trace triggers and filters
Performance counters
Support for virtual targets
Support for TC275, TC275ED, TC277, TC277ED, TC2D5, TC2D5ED, TC2D7, TC2D7ED
Lauterbach has been providing debug and trace tools for multicore chips for more than 10 years. We are proud to add the Infineon AURIX™ family to the 30 other processor architectures we already support.

AURIX TC27x - Over 5 years of High-Speed Serial Tracing makes the difference!


AMP Multi-Core Debugging

The term AMP stands for Asymmetric MultiProcessing. This term describes multicore systems in which each core processes its specific task. How the tasks are distributed to the cores is determined in the design phase of the system.

When debugging AMP systems an individual TRACE32 instance is started for each core. There are two reasons for this:
  • An AMP system can contain different core architectures. In the case of an AURIX™ chip: up to three TriCore cores, a Cortex-M core and a Generic Timing Module.
  • Each core processes a separate part of the application. This means the majority of the symbol and debug information is assigned exclusively to the corresponding core.

However, because the cores do not work independently, but perform the application task together and in parallel, it is required to start and stop all cores under debug simultaneously. This is the only way to test the interaction between the cores and to monitor and control the entire application.

AMP Multi-Core Tracing

Because debugging individual cores of an AMP system is performed over separate TRACE32 instances, trace information is also displayed on these individual user interfaces.

To test the interaction of the cores and to quickly locate complex system errors, it is possible to display the individual trace views and also their relationship to each other over time. To do this, TRACE32 trace tools provide a common time base. This allows the developer to select a point in time in the trace view on one core and see exactly which command was being executed by the other cores at the same time.

Details and Configurations

Lauterbach GmbH supports all available AURIX™ devices. New derivatives will be added as soon as they become available (do not hestitate to contact us).

For detailed configuration information click on your chip:
TC260DInfineon Technologies AG
TC260DUInfineon Technologies AG
TC264DInfineon Technologies AG
TC264DAInfineon Technologies AG
TC264DEInfineon Technologies AG
TC264DUInfineon Technologies AG
TC265DInfineon Technologies AG
TC265DEInfineon Technologies AG
TC265DUInfineon Technologies AG
TC270TInfineon Technologies AG
TC270TPInfineon Technologies AG
TC270TUInfineon Technologies AG
TC275TInfineon Technologies AG
TC275TAInfineon Technologies AG
TC275TEInfineon Technologies AG
TC275TFInfineon Technologies AG
TC275TPInfineon Technologies AG
TC275TUInfineon Technologies AG
TC277TInfineon Technologies AG
TC277TAInfineon Technologies AG
TC277TEInfineon Technologies AG
TC277TFInfineon Technologies AG
TC277TPInfineon Technologies AG
TC277TUInfineon Technologies AG
TC290TInfineon Technologies AG
TC290TPInfineon Technologies AG
TC290TUInfineon Technologies AG
TC297TInfineon Technologies AG
TC297TAInfineon Technologies AG
TC297TEInfineon Technologies AG
TC297TFInfineon Technologies AG
TC297TPInfineon Technologies AG
TC297TUInfineon Technologies AG
TC298TInfineon Technologies AG
TC298TEInfineon Technologies AG
TC298TFInfineon Technologies AG
TC298TPInfineon Technologies AG
TC298TUInfineon Technologies AG
TC299TInfineon Technologies AG
TC299TEInfineon Technologies AG
TC299TFInfineon Technologies AG
TC299TPInfineon Technologies AG
TC299TUInfineon Technologies AG
TC2D5TInfineon Technologies AG
TC2D5TEInfineon Technologies AG
TC2D7TInfineon Technologies AG
TC2D7TEInfineon Technologies AG

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