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TRACE32 is a set of modular microprocessor development tools


TRACE32 is a set of modular microprocessor development tools. Our modulare hard- and software supports up to 350 different CPUs. We provide low cost tools as well as sophisticated high end In-Circuit Emulators.

TRACE32 Introduction

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the flexible and fast user interface

      TRACE32-PowerView  Integrated Dev. Environment

TRACE32 PowerView, the flexible and fast user interface offers the same look and feel for the complete TRACE32 product range.

ASM Debugging
HLL Debugging
SIM Instruction Set Simulators 
PER Peripherals Browser 
MON ROM Monitors 
CTS Context Tracking System 
PROTOCOL Analysis 
COVERAGE Analyzer 
LOG Software Trace 
MALLOC Memory Analysis 
FLASH Programming
NAND FLASH Programming
TPU Debugger
RTOS Debugger
3rd Party Tools Integration   
PDF Help System   

Supported Compilers

Supported FLASH Devices
Supported NAND
               FLASH Devices

Supported RTOS
Supported Tool Integrations


the debugger based on the onchip debug interface or a ROM monitor solution

the high-speed debugger and trace solution

      TRACE32-ICD      In-Circuit Debugger

TRACE32-ICD is a cost effective debugger based on the onchip debug interface or on a ROM monitor solution. Most of the debugger can be enhanced be a trace module to provide program and data flow information.

Host Interfaces
ISA Card
Parallel Interface
Ethernet Interface

ROM Monitors
ROM Monitor

BDM/JTAG Debugger
Trace Extension
NEXUS Debug Unit 
Debug Adapters

Logic Analyzer/Onchip Trace
PowerIntegrator Logic Analyzer 
PowerProbe Logic/Protocol Analyzer 

Trigger Tools
Trigger Probe

Additional Tools
Stimuli Generator


Supported ROM Monitors
Supported Debuggers
Supported Chips


the sophisticated high end In-Circuit Emulator for CISC processors

      TRACE32-ICE      In-Circuit Emulator

TRACE32-ICE, the sophisticated high end In-Circuit Emulator for CISC offers unique features for the test and integration of embedded designs.

Universal Base Unit consists of

32 Bit System Controller

32 Bit Emulation Controller
32 Bit Compact Emulation Controller
8 Bit Compact Emulation Controller

Emulation Memory Modules
Memory Banking
Shadow Memory

State and Performance Analyzer

CPU Specific Unit
Emulation Probes

Additional Units
ICE Port Analyzer
ICE Timing and Protocol Analyzer
Trigger Probe


Supported Chips


the full featured In-Circuit Emulators for fast RISC processors

      TRACE32-FIRE      Fully-Integrated RISC Emulator

TRACE32-FIRE is a full featured In-Circuit Emulator to offer an integrated solution for embedded designs based on fast RISC processors.

Universal Base Unit consists of
FIRE System Controller  
FIRE Emulation Controller
FIRE Emulation Memory

CPU Specific Unit
FIRE Emulation Probes

Additional Units
FIRE Port Analyzer


Supported Chips



      TRACE32-ADAPTER      Adapters

TRACE32-ADAPTER are adapters designed for easy connection of target systems to emulators and debuggers

Emulator Adapters for PLCC and QFP
Processor Specific Adaptions
TCON Adapters for BGA
FLEX Adapters


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