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Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn, 09-Sep-2013

TRACE32® supports Intel's Real Time Instruction Trace (RTIT) technology on Silvermont

Hoehenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn - Lauterbach, the leading manufacturer of microprocessor development tools, recently announced its support for the Real-time Instruction Tracing (RTIT) on Silvermont microarchitecture from Intel®.

Silvermont is a brand new, low-power, high-performance microarchitecture launched by Intel in May 2013. As a new design in Intel's 22nm Tri-Gate SoC process Silvermont delivers significant increases in performance and energy efficiency. This technology is aimed squarely at low-power requirements in market segments from smartphones to the data center.

Among the new features of Silvermont Intel have implemented Real-time Instruction Tracing to aid with debugging and provide non-intrusive, cycle accurate program flow trace. This provides the user with full visibility into the processor's instruction flow and also code profiling and analysis. When the system is running, Real-time Instruction Tracing collects instruction transfer, compresses the information and stores it on-chip or delivers it off-chip for post processing. The TRACE32 tools fully support the Real-time Instruction Tracing to extend the debug and trace capability covering the entire SoC.

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