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Software trace of any size stored in an array structure on the target
General trace format provided by TRACE32-PowerView
Configuration and display commands provided by TRACE32-PowerView
Works as trace with address and data information
Works as a program flow trace (SH4, PowerPC)
Time stamp possible
Predefined algorithms to fill the trace provided by Lauterbach
User defined algorithms to fill the trace also possible
The LOGGER feature provides a target based software trace. Instead of using a real trace buffer the trace data are stored in an array structure in the target RAM. Entries into this array can be made by instrumenting the code. By the use of a general, predefined trace format all TRACE32 commands for trace display and analysis can be used. A typical usage of the LOGGER feature is the trace and analysis of RTOS task switches.

Technical Support




The LOGGER description block describes the general trace format that is used by the logger feature.

The software trace provided by the LOGGER feature can work as address/data trace. The trace is filled by instrumenting the code.

The software trace provided by the LOGGER feature can work as a program flow trace on architctures which provide a "branch trace" capablity, like all PowerArchitecture/PowerPC families and the SuperH SH4. In this case the program flow trace can be made without modifiying the code.

For the time stamp a CPU counter can be used (e.g. Performance Counter on the SH4,Time Base on the PowerPC).

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