FIRE Emulator MPC8XX

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Port Analyzer
IDE - Integrated Development Environment


FIRE Emulator for MPC860, MPC821, MPC850, MPC823
Windows9x, NT and Xwindows interface
CASE Tools interface
Interface with all compilers
C, C++ Support
RTOS support
Support all Family Members
TPU Debugger
Compatible JTAG/BDM Debugger
Mapper for 32 Bit Emulation
40 MHz Zero-Waitstate Emulation
80 MHz Emulation with Wait States
Optional Port Analyzer
Trace on Show-Cycles
Cache Trace
BDM Download 600 KByte/sec to Target or Emulation Memory
Fast ETHERNET Download up to 10 MByte/sec.
Support for MPC821, MPC823, MPC850, MPC860, MPC862
TRACE32 provides a complete set of development and testing tools for the PowerPC family. TRACE32 is an open system and can be connected to most host platforms via ETHERNET, USB or Printer Interface.

TRACE32-FIRE for PowerPC is a high performance emulation system. Its integrated analyzer offers selective trace as well as software performance analysis and statistic functions on HLL level.

An optional port analyzer can trace all preipheral signals on the chip.

The TCON adaption concept all allows many target adaption methods.

Compatible BDM Debuggers and RISC Trace Preprocessors are available.

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Max. Operation Frequency
Operation Voltage
Frequently Asked Questions
Technical Support
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[]  FreeScale MPC823
[]  FreeScale MPC850
[]  FreeScale MPC860
[]  FreeScale MPC555
Target Adaption
Target Adaption
Target Adaption



Max. Frequency with Emulation Memory

  • 40 MHz No wait
  • 50 MHz 1 wait states
  • 80 MHz 2 wait states

Max Trace Speed

  • 80 MHz Clock or Bus Trace

Operating Modes

  • Reset
  • Alone Internal
  • Alone External
  • Emulation Internal
  • Emulation External

Download Speed

  • Up to 600 kByte/sec through BDM
  • Up to 10 MByte/sec through application ETHERNET (supported by TRACE32 software)

Dual-Port Access

  • Request Mode

Operation with external or internal Clock

Internal Clock 1 to 150 MHz

Voltage Monitor for the Target System

Exception Control

  • Static Exception Generation
  • CPU Reset
  • Peripheral Reset
  • Bus Request
  • Target Exception Control

Interrupt Simulation

  • INT0, INT7

MMU Support

  • Debugging with logical Addresses

Port Analyzer


IDE - Integrated Development Environment

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