FIRE Emulator for H8S and H8/300H

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H8S Probe
Port Analyzer
IDE - Integrated Development Environment

FIRE Emulator for H8S and H8/300H
Support for most members of H8S and H8/300H
Full bondout support
Up to 35 MHz zero-waitstate emulation
On chip memory emulation
Dual-ported emulation memory
Software compatible ROM Monitor
Interface with all compilers
RTOS support
CASE tool interface
Windows9x, NT and X windows interface
Support for
 H8/3006, H8/3007, H8/3008, H8/3044, H8/3045, H8/3046, H8/3047, H8/3048, H8/3052, H8/3060, H8/3061, H8/3062, H8/3064, H8/3065, H8/3066, H8/3067, H8/3068, H8/36014, H8/3664, H8/3672, H8/3687, H8/3694, H8S/2120, H8S/2122, H8S/2123, H8S/2124, H8S/2126, H8S/2127, H8S/2128, H8S/2130, H8S/2132, H8S/2133, H8S/2134, H8S/2137, H8S/2138, H8S/2142, H8S/2143, H8S/2144, H8S/2147, H8S/2148, H8S/2214, H8S/2223, H8S/2225, H8S/2227, H8S/2233, H8S/2235, H8S/2236, H8S/2237, H8S/2238, H8S/2240, H8S/2241, H8S/2242, H8S/2243, H8S/2244, H8S/2245, H8S/2246, H8S/2310, H8S/2311, H8S/2312, H8S/2316, H8S/2318, H8S/2319, H8S/2320, H8S/2322, H8S/2323, H8S/2324, H8S/2327, H8S/2328, H8S/2329, H8S/2332, H8S/2337, H8S/2338, H8S/2339, H8S/2340, H8S/2341, H8S/2343, H8S/2345, H8S/2350, H8S/2351, H8S/2352, H8S/2353, H8S/2355, H8S/2357, H8S/2612, H8S/2621, H8S/2622, H8S/2623, H8S/2626, H8S/2631, H8S/2632, H8S/2633, H8S/2636, H8S/2639, H8S/2653, H8S/2655
TRACE32-FIRE H8S module supports most members of the H8S and H8/300H family from Renesas. The modular and open technology of the system allows the fast integration of new chip designs.

TRACE32-FIRE is a state of the art In-Circuit Emulator, which offers unlimited hardware breakpoints and up to 16MByte dual-ported emulation memory. The real-time trace and trigger work up to the max. speed of the CPU. The analyzer offers selective trace as well as performance analysis and statistic functions. The system offers an interface to all C and C++ compilers, and full RTOS support is available.

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Max. Operation Frequency
Operation Voltage
Frequently Asked Questions
Technical Support
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H8S Probe

The FIRE H8S probe is a high-performance emulation system for the RENESAS H8S family. The change between different CPU types is done by changing the FIRE CPU module board.

Max. Operation Frequency

  • 35 MHz

Operating Modes

  • Reset
  • Alone Internal
  • Alone External
  • Emulation Internal
  • Emulation External

Dual-Port Access

  • Request

Operation with external or internal Clock

Internal Clock 1 to 150 MHz

Voltage and Clock Monitors for the Target System

Exception Control

  • Reset, NMI, standby and bus request
  • Enables or disables exceptions
  • Stimulates exceptions

Port Analyzer


IDE - Integrated Development Environment

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