FIRE Emulator for ARM7

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IDE - Integrated Development Environment

FIRE Emulator for ARM7TDMI
Active, passive and tracking emulation supported
Interface for flexible adaption to ARM7TDMI based designs
Software compatible JTAG debugger available
HLL debugger with C and C++ support
Disassembler for ARM and THUMB code
Inline assembler for ARM and THUMB code
Little and big endian byte ordering
Support for pipelined and de-pipelined address timing
Operation from 3.0 to 5.0V in passive mode and from 3.0 to 3.6V in active and tracking mode
The TRACE32-FIREARM supports the ARM7TDMI macrocell with and without AMBA interface. The flexible concept of the probe allows the adaption to customer specific ASICs or to standard microcontrollers. An extensive specification is available that provides a detailed overview of our requirements. Please call or email our techinal support to get this document.

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Emulation Modes

  • Active emulation for evaluation boards or chip with full visibility of all core signals
  • Passive emulation for a very flexible adaption of our emulator to your ASIC
  • Tracking emulation for low speed applications

Dual-Port Access

  • AMBA Request
  • AMBA High Priority Request
  • Clock Steal
  • Wait Steal
  • No Delay 16
  • No Delay 32

Operation with external or internal Clock

Waitstate Handling

  • Flexible wait cycle insertion in stand alone mode
  • Trace of waitstate counter (4bit)

Voltage and Clock Monitors for the Target System

Exception Control

  • FIQ
  • IRQ
  • RES0
  • RES1

Exception Simulation

  • FIQ
  • IRQ
  • RES0
  • RES1
  • CPU RES0
  • CPU RES1

IDE - Integrated Development Environment

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