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Full Installation vs. Architecture-specific Update
Release vs. Interim Builds

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Available Downloads


Full Installation vs. Architecture-specific Update

Full Installation - Recommended

    The full installation can be used for:

    • Windows, Linux, MacOSX and all other host OSes supported by TRACE32
    • All processor architectures supported by TRACE32

    It contains all executables, all peripheral files, all flash programming scripts, the extensions for all target OSes, all demo scripts and the full online help system.

    Instead of downloading the full installation, you can also request a Release DVD from your local support office.

Architecture-specific Update

    An architecture-specific update is much smaller than a full installation. It allows you to update the current TRACE32 installation on your host system for a specific processor architecture (it does not contain an update of the online help system). Please download whenever possible a full installation, because only a full installation guarantees a consistent, up-to-date TRACE32.

Release vs. Interim Builds

    Lauterbach provides Release and Interim builds of the TRACE32 software to their customers.

Release Builds - Recommended

    Release builds are produced twice a year after the TRACE32 software has gone through an intensive test phase.

Interim Builds

    Interim builds are produced on a regular basis and contain all new TRACE32 features; mainly the support for new chips, new compiler versions or new target OSes. Interim builds only passed basic tests.

    If you are interested in the latest Interim build, please contact your local support office.

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